for your protection, transient

№2—round up

📅 2023-02-19 ⌚ 20:38:56 — ~ianremsen

“rudderless and profoundly weird, just like they’d always been.” spent too much time doing known makework, consciously procrastinating on making the big swings, waiting for the move to chicago which both feels like it’s coming up too fast and will never come to pass, i suppose my website here will serve as the pseudo-CV my roommate-to-be has asked me to collate. bah! bah!!

tags: svg, malaise, graphics, music, projects


📅 2023-02-17 ⌚ 06:39:09 — ~ianremsen

really excited to get rolling here! i’ve already had a really cool idea for a ‘MIDI Whiteboard’ that people on here could use to write music collaboratively. let’s see where that goes. mostly worked on SVG and music stuff today, though.

tags: svg, first, midi-project, midi, music, introduction, short