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№五—the web got a lot better while i wasn’t looking

📅 2023-03-07 ⌚ 04:26:04 — ~ianremsen

or maybe i just got smarter! unclear, but learning about all these APIs and finally feeling comfortable with webdev for the first time is really something. i’ve always felt a bit at a loss with programming in general for lack of direction. with music and non-assisted art you decide when something stands on its own, there always feels like the use of a computer to make itself do things rigidifies criteria for success/‘utility’.

i never had project ideas, in other words.

but now i do, mostly thanks to my other hobbies. add another project onto the pile, why not! who’s gonna stop me? time to make a webMIDI api thing-o.

tags: midi, programming, projects, webdev, api, unedited